Kingsway Community and Cybernet: Updating Nursing Home IT Systems

Kingsway Community implemented a major update of its IT systems and integration of new EMR software by 6N Systems to help improve their efficiency and quality of care. Kingsway contacted Cybernet to find an all-in-one PC to run the new EMR system for their nursing home facility. The PC had to have the right dimensions to fit on wall mounts in the hallways, and the EMR software required touch screen capability. Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 with touch screen was the perfect fit. Kingsway’s medical staff members really like having the PC systems closer to patient rooms, and the touch screen makes it easy for them to use. With its superior reliability, the iOne-GX31 keeps up with the 24/7 demands of this busy nursing home.
The Customer
Kingsway Community provides long term care for seniors on a 25-acre campus in Schenectady, New York. They were founded in 1975 as a nursing home, and continued to add other levels of elder care throughout the years. Today they offer a full spectrum of care and services, including independent and assisted living, skilled nursing, rehab services, home care and memory care.
The Business Challenge
Like most long term care facilities and nursing homes, Kingsway had used manual paper-based systems for billing, clinical services, and patient records. Sometimes the manual documentation would be entered into a computer system, and sometimes not. As Kingsway grew, it became evident that it was time to convert to a more integrated and current system, to improve efficiency and quality of care. In 2009, they started their EMR initiative, partnering with an industry software provider.
Kingsway IT Director Mark Licata was tasked with finding the right hardware vendor to supply the PCs for the new EMR system to be used in their nursing home facility. The PCs would need to be mounted on the wall in key locations in the nursing home, so they had to be narrow enough so as not to block traffic in the hallways. In order to run the EMR software, they needed to have touch screen capability. Finally, because the PCs would be running 24/7 in the facilities, they needed to be very reliable. The EMR software vendor, 6N Systems, recommended that Mark take a look at Cybernet, whom they had worked with on other installations.
The Cybernet Solution
After noting the specific hardware requirements needed to run the new EMR software, Mark contacted Cybernet. He researched the physical dimensions and configuration of Cybernet’s iOne-GX31, and determined that it was the perfect depth for wall mounting, and had recessed ports and other connections located under the mount; that was important because users might accidentally push buttons or controls on the front by mistake. Mark decided that the price point was within their budget. He requested some customization for the right amount of RAM, operating system and of course, the touch screen option. He also purchased the extended warranty that was available from Cybernet.
When the Cybernet units arrived, Mark was ready to begin the deployment of the units. It didn’t take long at all to get the PCs out of the box and the EMR software loading using an imaging process. The next step was to wait for their maintenance department to get the wall mounts in place, which took some time. Mark retained two of the units for the classroom, and then the entire staff underwent system training. They were ready to go.
Key Results
Mark was very pleased with how fast the units could be deployed. The all-in-one design eliminated a lot of time and effort usually spent in stringing cable to a central closet or across ceilings. As deployed, the units operate 24/7 because care is delivered 24/7 at a nursing home. The staff members use a USB security fob to access the systems, then enter their PIN on the touch screen. Once they are in the system, they can view the patient/staff member assignments and schedule for the day. They also can document everything that was done for the patient during their shift. When the system is not being used by a staff member, the screen displays the daily activities and the meal menus.
Cybernet’s iOne-GX31s were a perfect fit for their nursing home facility, and provided the reliability needed for constant use of the PC and its touch screen. The Kingsway staff are sold on this system, and can’t imagine a day without them. They like having the PC capability so close to the patients’ rooms, saving them time. They also like the ease of use provided by the touch screen. The staff knows that they can depend on the iOne-GX31 to help them deliver patient care on time and more effectively.

"The Cybernet iOne-GX31s were an ideal choice to run our EMR system. The features and configuration were exactly what we needed, they were fast and easy to deploy, and the reliability is outstanding. I also like the extended warranty option; that gives me extra peace of mind."


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iOne-GX31s with touch screen, wall-mounted

iOne-GX31s handle EMR system and touch screen use 24/7 with superb reliability, staff efficiency improved

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