Willis-Knighton Health System and Cybernet: The Right Touch for EMR Computers

Willis-Knighton Health System needed powerful all-in-one PCs that could run their existing ER MedHost EMR system as well as their new skilled nursing EMR system, and that were slim enough to be mounted on the walls in their skilled nursing facility. They also were looking for PCs with more responsive touch screen technology. They found the answer with Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs, the only touch screen PCs powerful enough for their chosen ER MedHost EMR software. After deploying multiple units in their nursing facility, they also purchased them for use in the ER and their Admissions office. The processing power and advanced touch screen technology have helped staff become a lot more productive.
The Customer
Willis-Knighton Health System was founded in 1924 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has been providing quality health care to northwest Louisiana ever since. Over the years it has grown from a single hospital to four hospitals and 100 clinics. Willis-Knighton has been a leader in creating specialized medical treatment centers, including a women’s health center, an eye institute, a heart and vascular institute, and a cancer center. The 6000 employees of the Willis-Knighton Health System work as a team to provide excellence in medical care.
The Business Challenge
The Progressive Care Center is a skilled nursing facility within the Willis-Knighton Health System, delivering nursing care and physical rehabilitation. Recently renovated, this facility also underwent some upgrading of their technology and in early 2011, implemented an EMR software application from American Healthtech. Greg Armond is the IT Supervisor in charge of Computer System Support for Willis-Knighton, and was tasked with finding the right PCs to run the new software and that could be mounted on the walls in the corridors of the facility. The PCs would need to have a rather slim profile (less than 4 inches) in order to fit snugly against the wall without obstructing corridor traffic. An all-in-one PC was the answer.
Other places that required all in one PCs were in the ER facility to run MedHost EMR software and in the Admissions office as a kiosk for patients. Greg wanted to find an all-in-one PC model that would work in multiple locations in the hospital.
Willis-Knighton had used other all-in-one PCs previously, but the touch screens were not ideal and not responsive enough, particularly in the Admissions office for older patients.
The challenge was to find an all-in-one PC that had multiple requirements: slim profile, wall mountable, responsive touch screen, powerful performance to run sophisticated EMR software. In addition, they also wanted PCs with outstanding reliability because they need to operate 24/7, and as with all medical facilities, the price needed to fit their budget. Armed with this list of requirements, Greg began his research.
The Cybernet Solution
Greg ordered an iOne-GX45 test unit from Cybernet and his team immediately began sizing it up. The PC had the perfect dimensions to fit on the walls of the nursing facility, and had standard VESA mounting holes. The 5-wire resistive touch screen was a substantial improvement over their old PCs. Most importantly, the iOne-GX45 was the only all-in-one touch screen PC on the market to have enough processing power and memory to run their ER EMR software application. That sealed the deal. After testing it out for a few weeks, Greg ordered a total of 19 units.
Deployment was very easy for Greg and his staff. They were able to use existing Windows 7 imaging to easily deploy these units without any problems with software drivers.  Because the walls in the nursing facility were cinder block, they had to drop the power cables from the ceiling and run wire mold down to the mounting location. Once that was done, it was easy to mount the iOne-GX45s to the wall. At the other locations – the ER and the Admissions office – the setup was a bit easier because the power and data outlets could be installed directly behind the wall mount for a very clean look.
Key Results
In the Progressive Care Center, nurses and other medical staff members use the iOne-GX45s to enter data into patients’ records as part of the new EMR system. The iOne-GX45s run the software with ease. The touch screen capability is so much better than the previous PCs; as a result, they were easier to use and the skilled nursing staff became a lot more productive.
In the Admissions area, the 5-wire resistive touch screen of the iOne-GX45 made it so much easier and accurate for patients to enter data. It has really speeded up the registration process for patients and staff.

“Cybernet’s iOne-GX45s have the perfect combination of processing power to run our EMR applications and advanced touch screen capability to make everyone more productive.”


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Find a powerful all-in-one PC with touch screen to run EMR software

iOne-GX45 PCs in the skilled nursing facility, ER, and Admissions

Runs EMR software with ease, advanced touch screen improves productivity

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  • WILLIS-KNIGHTON HEALTH SYSTEM | Cybernet Success Story
  • WILLIS-KNIGHTON HEALTH SYSTEM | Cybernet Success Story
  • WILLIS-KNIGHTON HEALTH SYSTEM | Cybernet Success Story

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