The Woodland and Cybernet: Wall-mounted All-in-One PCs to Enhance Productivity

It was time to update the computing resources at The Woodland retirement community in order to improve access to the PCs among the nurses and medical staff who update residents’ and patients’ records. They needed medical-grade all-in-one PCs that could be mounted on the wall throughout the facility, with touch screens to make it faster to enter data. The ideal solution was Cybernet’s iOne-MP171 medical all-in-one computer. The IT department is delighted with the sleek look and slim profile, and the nurses find it much easier to stay up to date by entering data throughout the day because the PCs are so accessible.
The Customer
The Woodland is a full-service retirement community located in Farmville, Virginia, that includes multiple levels of residential options and health care: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Care and Rehabilitation. The Woodland is fully staffed with nurses and medical professionals to provide individualized and skilled care throughout their health care facilities. The Woodland has been serving the retirement needs of Central Virginia for over 40 years.
The Business Challenge
The IT Manager at The Woodland, George Gardner, was tasked with streamlining their PC operations with a key objective: finding all-in-one PCs that could be mounted on walls throughout the facility to provide more universal access to computing resources. The PC also had to meet several other requirements: medical-grade, inexpensive, touch screen capability, expandable for the longer term (such as memory), high-quality, and 24/7 reliability.
George was already familiar with Cybernet because they were using some Cybernet all-in-one PCs for back-office administration. So, he contacted Cybernet to find an all-in-one PC that would address his long list of requirements.
The Cybernet Solution
Cybernet suggested an iOne-MP171 medical computer, and George ordered a few units to test in one wing of the facility over the course of a month. The iOne-MP171s not only met the requirements, but demonstrated that these PCs had the computing performance to run the LTC EMR software, were very easy to use because of the touch screen capability, and could be mounted on walls throughout the facility. The Cybernet iOne-MP171 was the solution that would at last streamline their PC operations.
George ordered several units from Cybernet over the next few months, along with wall mounts. To prepare for installation, he had to run power and data cabling. Once that was completed, he loaded the OS and EMR software on the iOne-MP171s and mounted them on the walls. They were ready to go.
Key Results
Because the iOne-MP171s are wall-mounted and very accessible, nurses and other medical staff members can now keep their EMR records up to date as they go through the day, rather than having to return to a nurses’ station to enter everything at the end of the day. The touch screen capability adds even more efficiency to the process. From an IT perspective, the PCs have the performance to run all their software, and with the sleek profile, they provide a clean look on the walls. With Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs, The Woodland has truly met its objective of improving access to their computing resources.

“Cybernet’s iOne-MP171s helped us streamline the process for updating EMR data, making everyone more productive.”


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Improve access to computing resources throughout the facility

Wall-mounted iOne-MP171 PCs

Conveniently located PCs enable nurses to keep patient records up to date

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  • THE WOODLAND INC. | Cybernet Success Story
  • THE WOODLAND INC. | Cybernet Success Story
  • THE WOODLAND INC. | Cybernet Success Story

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