iPC E2is
PoE Mini PC

Great for Smart Factories

The iPC E2is can power two smart sensors, allowing you to transition your facility to a smart factory. Capture and collect data to make real-time decisions and improve productivity.

  • Terminal Blocks for Remote On/Off Functionality
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Processor
  • Variable 9-36 DC Voltage Input Power Support

Rugged Performance When it Matters Most

Constructed with industrial-grade components means the iPC E2is can withstand extreme temperatures (-25°C to 70°C) and humidity (10%-95% non-condensing). It has also been independently tested to be IEC60608-2-27 shock and vibration proof. Whether mounted next to heavy machinery on a factory floor or as an in vehicle computer, this PoE mini PC offers the reliability you need to get the job done.

The Perfect Smart Factory Computer

Not every factory can be rebuilt from the ground up to meet manufacturing 4.0 standards. But IoT devices can certainly help bridge the gap. The iPC E2is is a PoE mini PC that can power multiple devices. What this means is you can "retrofit" a facility with smart sensors that collect and interpret data in real-time, allowing you to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Quad-LAN Functionality

This PoE mini pc also comes with 4 LAN ports standard, allowing you to fully customize your connectivity options. Perhaps you want to set up one intranet for smart sensors in your facility, a second for internal communications, and a third for standard internet connectivity. The fourth could be used as a failsafe if one of the other connections goes down.

The iPC E2is allows you the flexibility to customize your data connections in any configuration that best suits your operations.

Rack Mount Capable

Versatility is a must in this day and age. The lightweight and slim profile of the iPC E2is allows you to mount this PoE mini PC nearly anywhere. The optional mounting bracket and 19" rack mounting options make this a truly go-anywhere PC capable of running any application anywhere.

Engineered to be Customized

This iPC E2is is extremely customizable to help you adapt to any use case.

  • 2x Mini PCI-e Full Size Expansion Slots
  • 2x Serial ATA III Ports
  • 6x USB Ports
  • 1x RS232/422/485 Port
  • 3x RS232 Ports
  • 2x HDMI Out
  • 1 DC-in (9-36v input)

Optional 4G/3G LTE

Not all locations come with easy access to WiFi. That doesn't change the need for connectivity. Whether you are in a sprawling warehouse or in an outdoor setting, sometimes access to LTE coverage is needed. The iPC E2is PoE mini PC can be equipped with 4G/3G LTE capability to keep you connected regardless of your environment.

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