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Rack Mount PC

Built to Face your Toughest Challenges

Rugged Mini PC

The iPC R1s is an extremely flexible industrial computer built for tough environments and workloads. It is designed to be mounted anywhere and function under any conditions.

  • Custom Mounting Bracket for Wall, VESA, Din Rail or Rack Mount Solutions
  • Fanless Operation Eliminates Moving Parts
  • Variable 6-36 DC Voltage Input Power Support
Rugged, Powerful, and Adaptable Rack Mount PC

Rugged, Powerful, and Adaptable

Extremely durable and temperature-resistant so your operation can depend on it. Fanless cooling allows it to run quietly and not stir up dust or collect particulates from the air. Rugged exterior body certified IEC60068-2-27 & IEC60068-2-64 shock and vibration proof.

Equipped with 2x full HD DVI display ports and 1x 4k display port. Upgradability comes built into this small Rack Mount PC with:

  • 2x Mini PCIe Slots (Full size)
  • 1x Mini PCIe Slot (half size)
  • 2x 2.5" SSD up to 2TB

Your Invisible Best Friend

Designed to be extremely powerful but compact and mountable to stay out of your way.

With a small profile (10.2" L x 6.9" W x 3.1" D) this compact mountable PC only weighs 8.4lbs and is equipped with a custom mounting bracket allowing it to mount on walls, VESA, din rail, rack mount solutions, or anywhere you need it.

Brands That Trust Us

We looked at a number of different manufacturers before choosing Cybernet. Ultimately, they were able to customize their units to our specific needs, and their sales and support staff worked with our engineers throughout the process to get the solution right.

-Tess Royds, Manufacturing Engineer

Added Versatility with GPIO Port

In addition to all the ports and expansion slots, this PC also has a 16-bit general-purpose input/output. This allows it to connect to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) sequencers to communicate with different electro-mechanical devices used in assembly lines, machinery, or robotic devices.

GPIO can also be used for simple logic control such as relays and operation switches that control how and when something operates. Their biggest advantage is controlling systems with minimal to no human intervention.

A look inside the iPC R1s Rugged Industrial PC

Timeless: Never Be Outdated

This rack mount PC is the perfect device to run older equipment. With four RS-232 serial legacy ports you can connect multiple legacy peripherals.

You will have no problems connecting newer devices as well with:

  • 6x USB 3.0 Ports
  • 16x GPIO (General Purpose I/O)
  • Terminal Blocks with Power Switch
  • 2x GbE LAN Ports
  • SIM Card Socket

Processing power will never be an issue with its 6th generation Intel Core options of i3, i5, or i7 Processors and up to 32 GB of RAM.

View of the iPC R1s Mini Rugged PC Removable Drive Bay

Locking Removable Drives

The iPC R1s is equipped with two removable hard drives making it perfect for environments that require data transfer, or removing the hard drive to protect the data. This feature is a nice alternative to a mobile computer by having two mounted devices and moving the hard drive between them.

The locks prevent accidental removal during critical operations and also helps protect against theft.

Free Lifetime Phone Support

Cybernet offers complimentary U.S. telephone support for every product we sell, for as long as you own your product. Unlike other manufacturers, we don't charge you for telephone support after one year.

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Cybernet provides free imaging. Send us the final drive image on a USB key or a DVD media and we'll deploy the image on every computer you purchase.

Personalized Sales & Technical Support

At Cybernet, we provide premium U.S.-based sales and technical support. We're always here to help you with customization and personalized support to ensure that you find the right solution that fits your budget and timeline.

All Cybernet products are backed by industry award-winning U.S. Tech Support and local RMA service in Irvine, California.

Cybernet operates globally with operations in the U.S., U.K., Taiwan, China & Australia.

What is a Rack Mount PC?

Mounting industrial computers is a common practice to keep PCs safe and out of the way. There are different types of mounting options and advantages to a mountable PC. Here are some common questions and concerns.
Types of Mounts for Industrial Computers

There are many ways to mount an industrial PC. One of the most common is a wall mount. This requires a mount with extended arms that can secure the computer to any flat surface.

VESA is another common method of hanging industrial PCs. VESA was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association, hence the name. This type of mount was designed to attach to:

  • Wall Mount
  • VESA Mount
  • Din Rail
  • Rack Mount
Rack Mount Computer Sizes

The unit used to measure Rack Mount computers is abbreviated as U or RU, and it stands for "Rack Unit."

A U or RU is 1.75". Rack servers and other hardware used to mount rack PCs are designed with holes in multiples of 1.75" 1U, 2U, 3U, or 4U to enable computers to be mounted.

What is the Best Rack Mount PC Size?

Choosing a size from all the options available could be a daunting task. There are a few things to consider.

  1. The computer capabilities and components. For example expansion slots can affect the PC's size.
  2. If you already know where you will mount your PC, the mounting size is another good guide.
  3. The space available for the PC is the ultimate deciding factor.

If you're limited on space we can help with our many different sizes as well as completely custom solutions.

What are the Benefits of a Rack Mount Computer System?

One of the biggest advantages of a Rack Mount PC is how protected it is. If the computer is mounted out of sight it's less likely to be kicked or even snatched up by a burglar.

Computers on desk can take up a lot of space and have cables running across the workspace. High performance mountable PCs also excel at organizing your space and freeing up more of your desk space.

A mounted computer also equates to more efficient cooling. Since it's not sitting against a desk the heat can dissipate much more efficiently.

Cybernet's computers have fanless cooling technology which provides better cooling in any environment or setting.

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