Our first recap blog post was back in 2017 and, boy, has it been an eventful four years. For the 2021 recap, we cover not only highlights for the year, but how we did it by staying true to our core focus of providing consistent quality, reliability, and the best personalized support.

Consistent Quality (and Quantity) 

Cybernet Manufacturing has been an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) since the company’s founding back in 1996. This means we design, build, and sell our own products; we don’t sell other manufacturers’ goods. 

This simple fact proved advantageous to us and our customers. As an OEM, we have control over the quality of our products from the use of industrial grade parts to custom designs. We also have greater control over the quantity, i.e., how many could be produced and shipped to customers. How? Cybernet already has large stockpiles of parts, especially in the US. This enabled us to fulfill our customers’ product requests and ship them within 3-4 weeks in 2021. Even better, we kept our prices the same. Contrast this with the competition, many of whom are resellers. They could only promise to ship their products in 16-18 weeks time and at usually far higher prices. 

We believe these are some of the reasons why our customers did the following:

  • Navistar made our IPC-S19 standard for its upcoming plants in Texas. 

Core Focus: Know your strengths. People will appreciate it.

Reliability (In Being There)

2020 saw trade shows shutting down left and right as the world sought to contain the pandemic. And we won’t lie that we were disappointed. But we understood the reasons and worked hard keeping our customers and partners informed on the touch glass and all our antibacterial* offerings to protect the computer casing from deterioration and degradation

In 2021, we hit the ground running, hitting three trade shows. How does this fit in with reliability? It shows our customers and partners that they can rely on us to be up and running whether fulfilling their product orders or, in this case, to be back at the largest industry trade shows at the earliest (and safest)  opportunity. 

Our first stop was HIMSS 2021, which was held at its second home of Las Vegas, NV. There, we showed off a bevy of products: our medical computer lineup originally planned to be debuted at HIMSS 2020; and the introduction of our new IGEL partnership. A Cybernet partner, ID Solutions, was also present in our booth to demonstrate our joint telemedicine solution. 

The next two trade shows were overseas. The first, HETT 2021, was held in London, UK. Our team from the local office was kept quite busy doing product demonstrations and speaking with various IT team members from the NHS. Cybernet’s latest innovation, the CyberMed S15, garnered a lot of attention as a solution for areas in healthcare with constricted space. 

Then it was off to Düsseldorf, Germany, for Medica 2021, the biggest trade show in the healthcare IT industry. Again, the S15, just like at HETT21, drew a huge amount of attention with its many unique features and options. We cover the S15 in more detail in the next section.

But that’s not all. We felt Cybernet Manufacturing got a lot of attention at the show, period. For instance, we already had tons of pre-booked appointments with our European clients even before our arrival. Then there were the numbers of new visitors to the booth. Wow. We can safely say Medica 2021 had the best turnout we have ever seen, with the best quality foot traffic by far.    

Core Focus: Be reliable no matter the circumstances. 

Best Personalized Support

Customers are the lifeblood of a company. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed reminded businesses of that simple fact. Customer suggestions and input led to the following new products for 2021: 

2021 saw the introduction of the Cybermed S15. The compact medical PC with a 15.6-inch display is one of our smallest All-In-Ones yet. It’s perfect as a bedside patient monitor, a control panel for larger medical systems, or a PC for labs and pharmacies where space is at a premium. All the great features clients have come to expect from our CyberMed lineup can be found on the S15.

On the industrial side, there were two significant updates. For 2021, we expanded our Power over Ethernet (PoE) lineup with the all-new iPC E1s and iPC E2s rugged mini PCs. Both are perfect for clients dealing with harsh environmental conditions where power is not easily accessible via a traditional outlet.

We also made updates to our popular iPC R1s and iPC R2is rugged mini PCs. Both received significant performance upgrades thanks to new processors and memory support. 

Core Focus: “When the customer comes first, the customer will last.” – Robert Half, founder of Robert Half International.

Who We Are

We’re not going to sugar-coat it. The past couple of years were rough. We at Cybernet Manufacturing, though, sincerely believe that by adhering to one’s core focus helped us survive and even prosper. 

As for 2022, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to stay up to date. We promise a lot of new developments are in store from the release of a new medical PC to the debut of a new line of industrial computers.