Success Stories

Find out how Cybernet's customers are using our computers to improve processes and be more efficient.

Revisiting Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust

We had a chance to sit down with the entire IT leadership team at Milton Keynes and discuss how their investment in our CyberMed NB24 units have allowed them to future-proof their IT investment.

South Peninsual Hospital

Find out how a small rural hospital in Alaska is keeping up with the "big guys" by deploying CyberMed S24 medical panel PCs in all of their patient rooms.

Baker County Medical Services

Find out how a local community hospital is keeping up with larger facilities by investing in Cybernet's medical grade computers.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Find out why The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust chose Cybernet when they were upgrading their operating theatres and recovery rooms.


Find out why one of the pioneers in telehealth devices turned to Cybernet for the next evolution of their telemedicine carts.

Houchin Community Blood Bank

See why Houchin Community Blood Bank chose the Rugged X10 tablet to run their new software and streamline their processes.

Bayfront Health, Spring Hill

Bayfront Health, Spring Hill is one of the top rated hospitals in the country. They needed a solution for the medical carts that would meet the needs of their demanding staff. Cybernet delivered in spades.


TOOsonix is a start-up manufacturer of a revolutionary ultrasound device for the dermatology field. Cybernet has been their partner for every step of the way. Find out why they chose Cybernet inside.

Bear Valley Community Hospital

Bear Valley Community hospital needed an affordable way to upgrade their medical carts without sacrificing computing power and features. They found it in the CyberMed NB22.

Saudi German Hospital, Ajman

Suadi German Hospital, Ajman is one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Ajman, UAE. They wanted to streamline patient charting, and chose Cybernet's CyberMed Rx tablet for the job.


CONA needed to streamline the way doctors shared patient info and images with their patients in exam rooms. They chose the Cybernet Rugged X10 to handle the job.

Grampian NHS

Grampian NHS was upgrading their ICU from paper records to electronic records. After evaluating several medical grade computrs, Cybernet because the obvious choice.

North Bay Regional Health Centre

Find out why a flagship hospital in Ontario, Canada chose Cybernet when they were tasked with being the pilot facility for a new EMR rollout.

Moberg ICU Solutions

Moberg is a leading developer of EEG monitoring software. They needed a hardware partner that could help them win FDA approval while also running their powerful software. Cybernet is that partner.

Orlando Health

Orlando Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in Florida. Find out why the switched to Cybernet computers for two major HIT projects.

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in the development of Cochlear Implant technology. They needed a partner to help them create a groundbreaking new monitoring device. Find out why they chose Cybernet.

Medical Fitness Solutions

When Medical Fitness Solutions was redesigning their Core Balance rehabilitation machines, they needed to find a medical computer that could run their software and integrate seamlessly into their design. Cybernet was that computer.

Milton Keynes General NHS Foundation Trust

Milton Keynes General is an exemplar facility in the UK's National Health Service. They were upgrading the fleet of medical carts and needed a flagship medical computer to become their standard. Find out why they chose Cybernet.

Celem Computers

Celem Computers is a leading distributor of medical grade computers in Belgium. They needed a partner who could help them differentiate themselves from their competition and found that partner in Cybernet.

Covenant Community Care

Covenant Community Care needed help to outfit their mobile outreach clinic with medical computers and tablets. Cybernet stepped up and donated the equipment they needed.

BJC Healthcare

Find out how one of the largest hospital systems in the US entrusted Cybernet Manufacturing with helping them transition away from paper processes and into Epic EMR.


One of the most advanced surgical centers in the United States needed help upgrading their operating rooms with a new anesthesiology application. Find out how Cybernet answered the call.


Find out how a medical device manufacturer is innovating endoscopes by using Cybernet's medical grade computers to deliver instant video feedback from their scopes.

Respiratory Motion

Design continuity was a key issue this medical device manufacturer faced when building their innovative respiratory monitor. Find out why they chose Cybernet's medical grade tablets.

US Vascular

FDA Certification, UL60601-1 certification and easy disinfection were all challenges this medical device manufacturer faces. Cybernet helped them overcome all of those challenges.

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist was updating their anesthesia software and needed a computer that could help bridge the transition from their legacy software. Find out why they chose Cybernet for the project.

Radon Medical Imaging

A medical imaging company was looking to extend the life of their customer's x-ray machines. The picked Cybernet to help them get the job done.

Blood Bank of Delmarva

The Blood Bank of Delmarva is a not-for-profit organization that needed a way to automate and sync tedious paper processes. They turned to the Cybernet T10C tablet to do it.

VCU Medical Center

A leading medical center's anesthesiology computers had gotten too expensive to maintain. They turned to Cybernet to get more life out of their anesthesiology machines and to improve workflow.

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EI Electronics

EI Electronics needed a mini rugged computer that could withstand their extreme heat and smoke testing environments. Cybernet's iPC R1 has outperformed their expectations.

CP Industries

When a manufacturer of pressurized steel tubes needed a rugged PC to withstand the harsh environment of their factory floor, they picked Cybernet. Find out why inside.

UGN, Inc.

UGN is a manufacturer of soundproofing materials for auto manufacturers like Toyota and Nissan. Find out why they've been using Cybernet computers in their plant for over a decade and why they would never consider anything else.

Sonny's Enterprises

Sonny's is the largest manufacturer and supplier of car wash machinery in the world. Find out how they are using Cybernet's mini rugged PCs to run their car wash tunnels reliably in all environments.

Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Because their manufacturing environment was so dirty, Ulterra was replacing computers every 2-3 months. Something needed to change. Find out how Cyberne's reliability has been a game changer for Ulterra Drilling.


Learn how an Ohio based manufacturer of ergonomic office and lab equipment overcame constant hardware failures in their manufacturing facility by switching to Cybernet computers.


Learn how a globally recognized automotive manufacturer used Cybernet computers to update their shop floor and save hundred of thousands of dollars in the process.


One of the leading manufacturers of utility meters in the USA needed help automating materials tracking and time clock management. Cybernet's RFID enabled tablets and computers were the answer.

Vulcan Materials

When you're in the quarrying business, dust will destroy your computers in a heartbeat. Cybernet's industrial computers eliminated that problem and improved efficiencies.

Ward Jet

When a leading manufacturer of water jet cutting tools designed their own software platform, they turned to Cybernet to provide the computers to run the software and serve as the control panel.

ScrapIT Software

Find out how a software company is using Cybernet's T10C tablet to streamline the cash out process at scrapyards and recycling centers around the globe.

A.D. High Tech

AD High Tech is a security company that needed a computer that could run 24/7, had a touch screen and could show multiple camera feeds in real-time. The computer also needed to fit where their old iPads went. Not a problem for Cybernet.

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